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About Kral

Exlucive agents in Greece
We have the pleasure to introduce to you our principals “KRAL AG. Austria”, world renowned manufacturers of high quality Screw Pumps and Volumeters.

Kral Products

three screw pump

KRAL Screw Pumps for Heavy Fuel, Lubricating and Hydraulic oil are able to reliably cover a capacity of up to 213 m3/hr and maximum pressure of up to 100 bar.
To significantly reduce the amount of sulfur oxide emanating from ships, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a global limit for sulfur in fuel oil on board ships of 0.5 % m/m (mass by mass) by 2020. Should the pump be used for such fuels, KRAL’s specially treated pumps are able to handle even the most demanding types of fuel.

1:1 Exchange of Competitor Pumps without costly modifications.
Here you can download the pump exchange list.

Screw Pumps with Magnetic Coupling

The step further made by KRAL’s R&D department was the elimination of the need for mechanical seals by creating the magnetic coupled pumps. By choosing a magnetic coupled pump notable advantages are ensured:

  • Leakage Free – Safer and Cleaner operation
  • Hermetically sealed – No contact of the fuel with the atmosphere resulting in increased bearing life
  • Temperature capability of up to 300ºC
  • Long life for pump

two screw pump

KRAL applies its expertise in pump design and technology to twin screw pumps. As a result, the KRAL Z series is capable of delivering aggressive, low- or non-lubricating, and contaminated media with the reliability and quality that KRAL products are valued for by customers worldwide. Loading and unloading pumps, Waste pumps, Bitumen pumps, Ballast water pumps, Booster pumps, Cargo transfer pumps, Cargo Stripping pumps with a range of capacity from 80 to 660m³/h.


The measurement of consumption (of fuel and lubricating oil) is a key index in determining the health and efficiency of the engines avoiding excessive running costs.

Due to IMO-DCS and EU-MRV latest regulations, our principals KRAL AG Austria are in the position to provide a range of effective and most accurate consumption ±0.1% measurement systems, provided by European research institute.
The more accurate the measurement the more accurate you can control your costs.

We are happy to introduce, KRAL Smart Solution, which is a compact electronic unit that supplies measured values due to its digital MODBUS connection. Up to 32 flowmeters can switch in series, in order to have a complete monitoring system.

Either as replacement to your existing flowmeters or as a new installment, KRAL are able to provide robust and precise flowmeters that can also be integrated to an existing Ship Monitoring System to monitor the consumption of M/E, D/G and Boilers.