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Electric motors & pumps

We’ve pleasure to inform you that for a long time we are in co-operation with Chinese reliable makers of centrifugal sea water pumps and motors, who can supply them if required to your vessels.

Pumps are available with material Cast iron, Bronze, Stainless Steel with max capacity 2000 m³/hr, self priming or non self priming type, with class certificate if required. In addition we can supply pumps suitable for sludge and bilge waters. We try all our pumps to be equivalent to the existing, in order to minimize modification expenses.

Also, we can supply a variety of reliable electric motors from Chinese makers (for blowers, pumps etc. from 20-500kW) according to your specifications, with class certificate if needed and one year guarantee.

Our long experience in supplying pumps and motors can assist you select suitable sizes for your requirements, with reasonable prices and best delivery time.